Anand Blum

Fortuitously, when he was ten years old, Anand’s mum signed him up for a kayaking camp at Calleva. Neither Anand nor his mum had any idea it was for whitewater, but it turned out it was fun and the beginning of his love for the sport. Anand has an analytical style and relates that starting so young forced him to read and use the water to his advantage being unable to “muscle” his way around. Inspired by Waka paddler Sven Lamler, Anand would play back Sven’s edits in slow mo, then try and replicate what he learned on the water. Seems to have worked for him! Anand co-directs the community-centred Great Falls race, as well as hitting a few races himself up and down the East Coast of the USA. From the Washington DC area, his local playground is Great Falls, Washington DC. Besides Great Falls being less than 20 minutes outside of the nation’s capital, it is the only class 5 section in the USA that doesn’t require shuttle, and runs 365 days a year. Hiking back up for laps on laps keeps Anand fit! There are many styles of rapids in the section, making it an awesome training ground to prepare for expeditions around the country and the whole wide wild world. This Waka bro has big plans for some kayak travels… we are watching with anticipation! 

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