Environmental and Ethical Commitments

At Waka Kayaks, environmental and ethical standards are close to our hearts. We don’t believe in green-washing. We do believe in doing the very best we can to protect our beautiful natural environments and to ensure healthy and fair working conditions for everyone involved in the manufacture of our products.

Our kayaks are made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which is recyclable. The longevity of HDPE is another reassuring positive when thinking of our environmental footprint as whitewater paddlers. We use a highly specific type of HDPE that maximises resistance to cracking, giving the boats the longest possible life they can have. We are also confident that our innovative designs will continue to provide paddling performance over time.

Waka kayaks are manufactured at the Eurotank facility in Italy. 100% of production waste plastic is recycled. In 2012 the Eurotank factory installed photovoltaic roof panels as part of their commitment to environmental standards.