Tutea Kayak

by Waka Kayaks


Smaller paddlers once struggled to find a creek boat easy to manoeuvre and sized to fit them, whilst still being big enough to have the speed and volume needed to boof through grade five. Not anymore.

Following in the footsteps of it’s big brother the Tuna 1, the Tutea is a small to  medium-sized creek boat with the same smooth lines and well-proportioned rocker profile that made the Tuna 1 the best creek boat of its time. The Tutea is the oldest remaining design in our  range with less bow rocker than our more modern boats but it’s still a high floating creek boat that’s easy to boof, turn, carve and even flat spin.  The Tutea suits the whole skill range from beginner to advanced kayakers, and provides a shorter option than the Stoke for those who prefer this style.

Length:250 cm
Width:67 cm
Weight:20 kg
Paddler weight:50-85 kg
Volume:300 litres / 79 gal.
Style:River Runner / Creeker

The Tutea has been equipped with easy to adjust outfitting. We wanted to have strong, fast-adjusting outfitting that caters for everyone, from kayak schools to experts.

The seat is Roto-moulded. It is very comfortable, especially over longer periods of time. It has two sliders on the top to adjust the seat position front to back. Simply loosen two screws, and the seat will slide forward and backwards. Find your ideal position, tighten, and you are good to go.

Hip Pads
The hip pads are the most adjustable on the market. A simple elastic sock givies easy access in order so you can adjust the amount of foam needed.

The back-band is extremely comfortable. It has two ratchets and ladders, making it easy to adjust and tighten. It can be adjusted even more by altering the length of webbing on the back of the back-band. The back-band has been mounted to allow for easy access to any safety equipment or overnight gear stored behind the seat.

Thigh Braces
The thigh braces are also extremely adjustable. With one pin through the top, you can adjust the thigh cup for your ultimate fit. They can also slide forward and backwards by loosening another screw around the cockpit rim.

The foot-block is fully adjustable thanks to four thumb-nuts on the inside of the hull. The width of the foot-block is also adjustable, depending on the position of the foot block.

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