Driscoll Larrow

Waka brotha D:   “My name is Driscoll Larrow, I am 20 years old and from Jackson, Wyoming. I have been kayaking since the age of 10 when my dad first threw me in his old Perception. Since this day whitewater has been strongly flowing through my blood.

Today, paddling has influenced merely every decision I have made on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to have a local program growing up, the Jackson Hole Kayak Club. Without them, I don’t know if I would be here writing this today. JHKC, along with head coaches Rainer Kenney and Erik Marco are who I owe a great majority of my paddling success to and of course my Dad as well.

These last few years have been especially huge. I was lucky enough to spend my senior year of high school at World Class Academy where I spent almost every day on the water. After graduating in May of 2021 I spent the entire following year traveling! Fall in the Southeast and several months of winter in South America and the White Salmon area. For me, this year was a huge breaking point in my paddling. I was blessed to be surrounded by paddlers and mentors that I had looked up to for many years and successfully spent more days on the water than ever before. I am currently studying at the University of Western Washington near the border of BC and plan to graduate in 2025. It’s amazing because I can paddle all winter long and have access to all the “goods” in the spring. It really is the perfect place for me to study.

Anyway, I simply can’t imagine a life without whitewater, and I am so honored and stoked to be a part of the WAKA family!!”

We are honoured to have you Driscoll and excited to see where you take your paddling.


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