Ian Salvat

From the kayaking town of Sort, Catalonia, Ian Salvat was introduced early to the river by his parents, and credits his home town as one of the best places in the world to learn to kayak. 

Ian loves being creative with new paddling techniques. He takes a bit of everyone and mixes it together. Benny Marr explains, “When an individual kayakers mentality, personality, and energy combine with playful curiosity it is possible that we will see a unique style or approach to whitewater kayaking from them. When Ian is on the water it is simple to observe the strong racing foundation in his effortless style. You can see his freestyle conditioning in all of his moves and creativity.  Ian is one of the kayakers who are so fun to watch pop off waves, run big lines, and drop waterfalls. “

The remote places he has explored in his kayak are one of Ian’s favourite aspects of paddling. Not only the beauty of the wilderness but also the challenge of the logistics that make these trips possible. Ian is rarely far from his camera, and endeavours to capture as many great moments as he can when he is out amongst it. Check out some videos of Ian and you will see for yourself what he’s all about. 

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