Phil Palzer

Phil is happiest when the adventure is remote, and when a combination of skills beyond just kayaking is needed. Known for his athletic prowess and ability to navigate seemingly impossible places to set safety or rescue his team, Phil is one of those guys you want in your crew.

Growing up in the top of New Zealand’s South Island, Phil’s high school weekends were spent driving his 1983 Honda City to Murchison to go kayaking or camped up at the bottom of the local ski field. Now strategically based on NZ’s West Coast, Phil and his wife Rata Lovell- Smith have ready access to a vast playground.

Kind, caring, and generous with his time, Phil holds high standards for delivering impactful outdoor education, and inspiring the next generation to be more than just good kayakers, teaching them to also be good people to kayak with. We are excited to have Phil join our Waka whanau, and look forward to sharing some of his tips about safety expertise, from the West coast NZ to you.

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