Rush Sturges

If you don’t know the name, you must not be a kayaker. Rush has paddled more whitewater around the world and produced more whitewater content in the past 20 years than anyone else in the game. We’ve all watched Rush transition from a wild young freestyle world champion making Young Gun Productions films, to a […]

Scott Lindgren

Scott Lindgren is one of the greatest whitewater kayakers in history. He’s been on most of the greatest expeditions ever done. From the legendary first descent of the Tsang-po, the Royal Gorge and one of the highest descents of the Stikine,  just to name a few… He’s the first person to complete the four rivers […]

Rata Lovell-Smith

Rata Lovell-Smith knows that a life rich in soul is more important than how much money you have in the bank. Wild places and chasing adventures, taking something that feels impossible and scary and making it possible, this is how Rata keeps herself grounded and thriving. At 17 years old Rata arrived on NZ’s West […]

Phil Palzer

Phil is happiest when the adventure is remote, and when a combination of skills beyond just kayaking is needed. Known for his athletic prowess and ability to navigate seemingly impossible places to set safety or rescue his team, Phil is one of those guys you want in your crew. Growing up in the top of […]

Matteo Williams

Born to a Kiwi and an American who met guiding Himalayan whitewater trips, and hauled along to rivers across the world by his mom, Matteo has kayaking and travel in his blood. Growing up an hour from the infamous Green River Narrows, Matteo runs the steeps with ease, but that’s not all. Testing his mettle […]

Quirin Haslberger

Quirin, is one of those guys that everyone likes. A happy, stoked-on-life dude that you can find dotted around the alps with his boys lapping up a gnarly section of whitewater or with his young son Emil hitting some flat water. He is a soul boater, gnarl runner and kayak instructor all in one. Stoked […]

Aleix Salvat Cuevas

I was born in Sort (a little town in the Catalan Pyrenees) in 1993. At the age of 4 my parents introduced me to this wonderful sport, KAYAKING, and I’ve never stop practicing, it comes to be my lifestyle. I have competed in Slalom, Freestyle and Creek but now I’m traveling around the world discovering […]

Bernie Steidl

Meeting Bernie amongst the crowd lingering on the shore of the infamous former sickline course or catching him on one of the earliest spring days on his beloved Corsica, you will quickly get a sense that he’s earned his status as Tyrolian white-water guru. Always wearing a big smile when on the water, his love […]

Ryan McAvoy

Ryan McAvoy is a passionate paddler based out of the Southeastern United States. He thrives on steep, technical creeks and is known for exploring new runs in the southeast. He has numerous first descents and is not afraid to do a little bush whacking. Whether he is chasing a first descent in his backyard or […]

Ian Salvat

From the kayaking town of Sort, Catalonia, Ian Salvat was introduced early to the river by his parents, and credits his home town as one of the best places in the world to learn to kayak.  Ian loves being creative with new paddling techniques. He takes a bit of everyone and mixes it together. Benny […]