Shane Simoneaux

Inspirational for his rapid kayak skills progression, Shane only started paddling in November 2021. Unlike many of our team paddlers, Shane had absolutely no ties to whitewater growing up. Age 24, from South Eastern USA, and an engineer in training, Shane taught himself to roll not realising it’s much easier with a paddle. After trying […]

Nathan Bond

Nathan Bond is a young paddler residing in Western North Carolina. Addicted to kayaking since the age of eleven, Nathan learned young to appreciate the beauty and power of the river. He attributes his precision to his home run the Green but really excels when the spigot turns on and the rapids get burly. When […]

Anand Blum

Fortuitously, when he was ten years old, Anand’s mum signed him up for a kayaking camp at Calleva. Neither Anand nor his mum had any idea it was for whitewater, but it turned out it was fun and the beginning of his love for the sport. Anand has an analytical style and relates that starting so young forced him […]

Maike Möst

Maike is a whitewater paddler from Germany. Like many of our team paddlers Maike grew up in a kayaking family, spending nearly every weekend and holiday on family paddling trips. She still spends most of her time on the river always searching out the stoutest runs, exploring new places. Relatively new to racing, Maike claimed […]

Driscoll Larrow

Waka brotha D:   “My name is Driscoll Larrow, I am 20 years old and from Jackson, Wyoming. I have been kayaking since the age of 10 when my dad first threw me in his old Perception. Since this day whitewater has been strongly flowing through my blood. Today, paddling has influenced merely every decision I […]